As shipbrokers, our main duty is to mediate between the parties to a contract for the Sale and Purchase or Chartering of any type of vessel which may be required by our clients be they the buyers or the sellers, the charterers or the owners.

The decision to buy or sell a vessel can have far reaching consequences for an owner in terms of profitability and market position. Calpac Maritime Services Ltd. are uniquely positioned to offer clients information on market activity that might not otherwise be available. Through our worldwide network of contacts we have a vast pool of information that is available to our clients on a confidential and competent basis.

We’re in a unique position to provide hard-to-come-by market information to clients. Keeping our fingers on the pulse, we can advise on rates, using previous business as a benchmark; and guide you on what to expect in today’s market.

Vessels are expensive assets, so deciding to buy, sell or charter requires deep consideration and an understanding of all available possibilities.

We provide professional maritime services with integrity to Buyers and Sellers worldwide.