Alshafak Oil Services

Alshafak Oil Services is a Libyan company that has an accurate understanding of the working requirements of the oil field industry. Through technology and modern communication they understand the importance of having the necessary experience in oil field services in order to achieve quick results.

Services supplied include (but are not limited to):

  1. Completing temporary importation procedures with Customs Authorities;
  2. Get permits for the entry of vessels to work into Libyan Waters;
  3. Completing the entry procedures of vessels’ crew (VISA);
  4. Granting permission and assigning of coastal guard to be onboard vessel / rig;
  5. Get acceptance of the Israeli Boycott ;
  6. Finishing taxes procedures related to any kind of agreements, contracts and invoices;
  7. Hotel booking, air-tickets and meet & greet of crew at airport;
  8. Transport of crew to and from vessel/airport;
  9. Providing support crafts for seismic vessels / rigs either in Libyan or International Waters;
  10. Completing the final exporting procedures to vessels;
  11. Importing and finishing the Customs Clearance procedures for anything needed during the project;
  12. Handling all logistics needed for rigs, vessels and chase boats.

Alshafak have a good relationship with the departments involved with oil field services as a result of their extensive experience and deep respect to the nature of their work. This earns them a priority service which finally results in speedy procedures to the benefit of the client. In fact, Alshafak has been working with some of the major oil/research companies.